Slot Games You Need to Check Out From Net Entertainment

Slot Games You Need to Check Out From Net Entertainment

It is rare to find online casinos that do not add games from Net Entertainment Slot Games to their catalog. As it exists for 20 years, it maintained a clean and reputable legacy. NetEnt is anywhere when we talk about online gaming. This game supplier does not fall behind whether it is about ROG, casinos, or sports betting.

Now that we are in 2020, there must have been many upgrades since it started. However, there is one thing that never changes, and that is the fact that slot machines are still the crowd’s favorite. In NetEnt, you will never find a game that fails in graphics, sound effects, and security.

In this article, we shall explore the popular slot games that NetEnt offers to players. We shall save the best for last in our ranking.

Slot Games NRVNA

game timeIf it is not yet apparent, the title of this slot machine is Nirvana. In Buddhism, this word pertains to the highest form a man can achieve, or it can also mean the heavens. This slot game promises quick and easy gameplay, and spinning the reels is your swift get away from stress and the hustles in life. It has glowing numbers and letters that can double your winnings.


With five reels and ten paylines, winning in this aggressive game is not impossible. Among NetEnt’s games, this one is unique, for it features the world of gambling. There are chunky and slim boxers that will appear on some reels, which will dictate your bonus and wins.

Alien Robots

If you are a fan of the digital world, this game is the perfect fit for you. You shall some colorful robots and numbers on each reel, and once they match, you are up for some awesome prizes. If you are only a newcomer, this can be the best choice to practice and master slot machines’ art. It does not require you to do so much, for it has a smaller number of paylines than the other NetEnt games.

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Games


This slot title became one of the most famous games since 2013. It offers avalanche reels full of surprises, and the storyline is quite inviting. Almost all casinos in the world include this star game in their catalog. If they miss this one, it is a massive loss for them. What’s more, it has at least 15 paylines so that winning is more comfortable to achieve.


Oh, even excellence is an understatement to this game. It may be a classic game, but it is not yet a part of the past. Until today, Starburst remains the top-rated game from NetEnt. You will fall in love with the fancy and shining gems, which leads you to exciting adventures and deals.

Bottom Line

It is apparent why NetEnt still ranks as the top-performing game suppliers in the world. They were able to make a name that casinos sought after. It is a massive shame for a gambling company if they miss to include this provider to their list. As players, you must make sure that you can find these games to make the most out of your journey.

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