Casino Song: How the Lives in Casinos

Sound of Music Top Four Songs That Feature the Lives in Casinos

You know, Casino Song can be an excellent means to learn about life. That is why some famous hits are about casinos. You may have heard some of them, for they came from famous singers that topped the Billboards. If you are curious about these songs, we shall take you to the world of music and casinos.


Casino Song “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers in 1978

Casino Song

Who will forget the singer who made love songs come to life? Some of your parents may have sung Through the Years many times to celebrate their love. However, Kenny Rogers’ albums not only focus on love, but it also touches many lessons about life. The Gambler is a story of him who met a gambler on a train and told him that you need to know when to hold and fold in a game. Indeed, it can mean your move in poker or your life.

A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley in 1968

If we are talking about classics, you must never miss the name of Elvis Presley. As the King of Pop, his songs were the most favorite to play in any Vegas casino back in the days. If you want to add some casino vibe to your movie, Presley’s soundtrack is the place you should check. A Little Less Conversation may not be about casinos, but it played a considerable role in the hit show, Ocean’s Eleven.

Ace of Spades by Motorhead in 1980Casino Online

Are you into heavy metal rock? As the 1980s became more interested in upbeat and rock music, this song hits the charts when it comes to casinos. According to the same, all your needs an ace of spades to win the game.

Indeed, the said card has a significant impact when you are playing blackjack. It may also pertain to your luck in life, which is the thing you need when life is about to hit rock bottom.

Casino Song “Waking Up” in Vegas by Katy Perry in 2009

This song is a more literal take on the casino life in Vegas. Katy Perry describes how money is a vital means if you want to survive in Sin City. The whole music video revolves around slots, table games, sequins, and parties. The artist showed how money comes easily and how it drains quickly in casinos. She also featured another typical thing that happens in Vegas, which is getting married.

Bottom Line

If you are into pop music, most of these casino songs may hit your heart big time. While some do not directly talk about the casinos, they became popular hits in casino movies and shows. It did show that casinos, as a theme, can stretch to songs, and some of them came from the legends.

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